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Real estate for sale primarily north of I-70 to the Iowa state line and east of U.S. Hwy. 65 to the Mississippi River
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Cities with Post office Zip Codes Northeast Missouri:

Alexandria, MO63430Clark County
Amanda, MO63330Pike County
Anabel, MO63431Macon County
Arbela, MO63432Scotland County
Ashburn, MO63433Pike County
Atlanta, MO63530Macon County
Baring, MO63531Knox County
Bethel, MO63434Shelby County
Bevier, MO63532Macon County
Bosworth, MO64623Carroll County
Bowling Green, MO63334Pike County
Brashear, MO63533Adair County
Brookfield, MO64628Linn County
Browning, MO64630Linn County
Brunswick, MO65236Chariton County
Bucklin, MO64631Linn County
Bynumville, MO65281Chariton County
Cairo, MO65239Randolph County
Callao, MO63534Macon County
Canton, MO63435Lewis County
Center, MO63436Ralls County
Clarence, MO63437Shelby County
Clark, MO65243Randolph County
Clarksville, MO63336Pike County
Clifton Hill, MO65244Randolph County
Coatsville, MO63535Schuyler County
Colony, MO63563Scotland County
Cora, MO63556Sullivan County
Curryville, MO63339Pike County
Dalton, MO65246Chariton County
Darksville, MO65259Randolph County
Downing, MO63536Schuyler County
Edina, MO63537Knox County
Elmer, MO63538Macon County
Emden, MO63439Shelby County
Eolia, MO63344Pike County
Ethel, MO63539Macon County
Ewing, MO63440Lewis County
Excello, MO65247Macon County
Fairmont, MO63474Clark County
Forest Green, MO65281Chariton County
Frankford, MO63441Pike County
Gibbs, MO63540Adair County
Glenwood, MO63541Schuyler County
Goldsberry, MO63539Macon County
Gorin, MO63543Scotland County
Granger, MO63442Scotland County
Green Castle, MO63544Sullivan County
Green City, MO63545Sullivan County
Greensburg, MO63555Knox County
Greentop, MO63546Adair County
Hannibal, MO63401Marion County
Harris, MO64645Sullivan County
Higbee, MO65257Randolph County
Holliday, MO65258Monroe County
Humphreys, MO64646Sullivan County
Hunnewell, MO63443Shelby County
Huntsville, MO65259Randolph County
Hurdland, MO63547Knox County
Indian Creek, MO63456Monroe County
Indian Grove, MO65236Chariton County
Jacksonville, MO65260Randolph County
Kahoka, MO63445Clark County
Keytesville, MO65261Chariton County
Kirksville, MO63501Adair County
Knox City, MO63446Knox County
La Belle, MO63447Lewis County
La Plata, MO63549Macon County
Laclede, MO64651Linn County
Lagrange, MO63448Lewis County
Lakenan, MO63468Shelby County
Lancaster, MO63548Schuyler County
Lentner, MO63450Shelby County
Leonard, MO63451Shelby County
Lewistown, MO63452Lewis County
Linneus, MO64653Linn County
Livonia, MO63551Putnam County
Louisiana, MO64453Pike County
Lucerne, MO64655Putnam County
Luray, MO63453Clark County
Macon, MO63552Macon County
Madison, MO65263Monroe County
Marceline, MO64658Linn County
Maywood, MO63454Marion County
Meadville, MO64659Linn County
Memphis, MO63555Scotland County
Mendon, MO64660Chariton County
Mexico, MO65265Audrain County
Milan, MO63556Sullivan County
Moberly, MO65270Randolph County
Monroe City, MO63456Monroe County
Monticello, MO63457Lewis County
Mystic, MO63545Sullivan County
New Boston, MO63556Linn County
New Cambria, MO63558Macon County
New Hartford, MO63364Pike County
New London, MO63459Ralls County
Newark, MO63458Knox County
Newtown, MO64467Sullivan County
Novelty, MO64556Knox County
Novinger, MO64559Adair County
Osgood, MO64641Sullivan County
Palmyra, MO63461Marion County
Paris, MO65275Monroe County
Paynesville, MO63371Pike County
Pennville, MO63545Sullivan County
Perry, MO63462Ralls County
Philadelphia, MO63463Marion County
Plainview, MO63530Macon County
Plevna, MO63464Knox County
Pollock, MO63560Sullivan County
Powersville, MO64672Putnam County
Purdin, MO64674Linn County
Queen City, MO63561Schuyler County
Renick, MO65278Randolph County
Revere, MO63465Clark County
Rothville, MO64676Chariton County
Rutledge, MO63563Scotland County
Saint Patrick, MO63466Clark County
Salisbury, MO65281Chariton County
Santa Fe, MO65282Monroe County
Saverton, MO63467Ralls County
Shelbina, MO63468Shelby County
Shelbyville, MO63469Shelby County
Stoutsville, MO65283Monroe County
Sumner, MO64681Chariton County
Taylor, MO63471Marion County
Triplett, MO65286Chariton County
Troy, MO63379Lincoln County
Unionville, MO63565Putnam County
Wayland, MO63472Clark County
Williamstown, MO63473Lewis County
Winigan, MO63566Sullivan County
Worthington, MO63567Putnam County
Wyaconda, MO63474Clark County
Yates, MO65257Randolph County


17 counties located north of I-70 to the Iowa state line and east of U.S. Hwy. 65 to the Mississippi River

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City of Bowling Green, MO
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Kirksville Chamber of Commerce
Milan Chamber of Commerce
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Paris (Mo) Chamber of Commerce


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